Ecommerce for Beginners

starting an ecommerce sitePlanning Your Store

Many small businesses make the mistake of creating an ecommerce website with no real planning so they can start selling as quickly as possible.

It’s important to understand what your customers want before building your website.

What Makes a Good Ecommerce Website?

The best ecommerce sites are simple to use and allow visitors to easily find what they want and pay for it with no hassle.

As an ecommerce website owner you need to make sure you know what your customers want.

Many small businesses contact a web development company who help them through the technical process of creating an ecommerce website.

Now that ecommerce has been around for such a long time, there is no longer the need for retailers to be tied to an expensive web development company. Ecommerce shopping cart providers such as Big Commerce offer completely hosted shopping cart solutions along with support. Whether you are starting an online floral shop or a London taxi insurance services website, this guide will help you.

Read the Ecommerce Cart Software page to find out which are the best shopping carts.


Amazon and Ebay are two of the most popular ecommerce shopping websites on the planet. They are partly successful because of their simple layouts and non fussy product pages. Many business owners go over the top with design and forget about the basic usability of the website.

When you are creating your ecommerce website start with a simple design and use software packages such as Google Analytics and ClickTale to view visitor behaviour so that you can design the site around your visitors. I guarantee you that your sales conversion will go through the roof if you use this method.

Use these free ecommerce templates to help get you started.

If you use ‘best of breed’ shopping cart solutions such as Magento and Big Commerce you get basic design templates included.

Tried and Tested Methods – Ecommerce for Beginners

Running an Ecommerce website is not just about the technical side, that’s just the start. The time tested methods of product ranging and positioning still apply.

I’m sure you have been shopping at your local supermarket to find that your favourite product has been moved from it’s usual place to a different aisle.

This isn’t a mistake, supermarkets regularly move whole product ranges into different aisles as it makes their customers walk to different parts of the store. While looking for their usual purchases they see other products that they hadn’t noticed before, which results in more sales.

You can do this on your ecommerce website much more easily than a supermarket using the built in features of shopping carts such as Magento Go.

Product Grouping – Ecommerce for Beginners

As with real world stores, ecommerce shopping cart software allows you to group similar products into the same place. This makes it easy for customers to find and compare products. The better software also allows extra categorisation using product attributes such as colour and price range.

Product Demand – Ecommerce for Beginners

The quickest way to find out if a product is in demand is to find popular keyword searches for that product using a service such as the Google Keyword Tool. It’s easy to use and shows you how many times a particular word or phrase is being searched for on the Google search engine.

You can use the information you find with this tool to help create categories and products on your ecommerce website.

Get Competitor Sales Data for FREE!

Do you want to know how many sales your competitors make of a particular product? There is a completely free way to get this information using Ebay, called an ‘Ebay Completed Listing Search’.

To ensure your success follow my ecommerce for beginners plan.

Ecommerce for Beginners Plan

  1. Decide on the features you require for your website, if you’re not sure then visit some of your potential competitors by searching for the product you want to sell on Google and then make a list of the features that you like about their websites. A good place to start is
  2. Use the Ecommerce Cart Software page to research the best shopping cart software that will best match your list of features.
  3. If you don’t already have one, research the domain name that you want to use for your website using a Domain Registrar such as Go Daddy. Make sure that it makes sense to your target market (the people who you expect to buy from your website).
  4. Setup your ecommerce website software – hosted shopping cart solutions are easiest to setup and manage.
  5. Create categories for your website based on your product ranges.
  6. Use a spreadsheet containing your products and product information and upload to your ecommmerce website.

Ecommerce for Beginners – Places to sell online to test the water

While you’re planning your new ecommerce website if you haven’t already got them why not setup Ebay and Amazon seller accounts. They can be a good way to test the market with your products before committing to a full blown ecommerce platform.

These websites are great sales channels as all you have to do is add the product and set the price, all of the marketing is done for you.

Managing your Amazon and Ebay sales through your ecommerce shopping cart

When researching your new ecommerce store it’s important that you take some time to decide how you will deal with your product inventory and sales on Ebay/Amazon.

Many businesses who plan to sell on Ebay don’t take this into account and then find that dealing with their website stock inventory and Ebay orders becomes a nightmare, with products selling on Ebay at the same time as selling on your own website.

This creates the problem that items can be sold through your website even after they have sold out via Ebay as you don’t have a way of connecting your website and Ebay together.

Managing your Ecommerce inventory – Ecommerce for Beginners

The clued up ecommerce shopping cart providers are the ones who realise that you are going to sell in various other places including Ebay and Amazon.

These companies have included Ebay stock management within their ecommerce software.

A good example of this is Big Commerce who have an Ebay and Amazon module that automatically updates inventory no matter where it was sold, meaning that you can never sell an item that sold a few minutes before on another sales channel.

Other options for managing Ebay inventory include the M2E plugin for Magento Commerce. Magento is a Big Commerce competitor that was bought by Ebay in 2011. I’ve been an avid Magento user since it was first released and can honestly say that it’s an excellent ecommerce platform.

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Use of Technology in Fashion: How a Whole Industry is Being Changed

Recently the use of technology has come to an increase in the fashion industry. The impact of technology is challenging to ignore, primarily due to the significant influence it has on the economy.

Technology is increasingly in use to take care of things such as data analytics and the general operation of business across the world. The fashion world is thus keen to embrace the changes in the technological world to maintain its place in the market.

Several technologies have had a significant impact on the fashion world. The techniques include the following.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet of things is the best and one of the most significant opportunities that are taking over the fashion industry. The technology lets us interact with every day things through the use of the internet. In the fashion world, interaction with the items and goodies that you have to purchase makes you feel comfortable all through. The internet makes the shopping experience excellent and enjoyable as the communication between the customer, and the retailer is better.

With open communications, you can have the best that you need. For instance, if you are shopping for Yoga pants, dresses, or even sexy nursing bras, interacting with the retailer is very important. It will be e effective to get the best information on how to use the product and the in-built features.

Through the IoT, retailers can collect information from the customers that is relevant in the improvement of the product and the service delivery. The use of technology in fashion is increasing. The increase due to the diversification of all the other aspects of the world.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The fashion industry is not a stranger to the significant data effect that is sweeping most businesses world over. Many retailers are now making use of technology in fashion. The use of tech is essential to meet the demands of the technology orientation of the market.

Social media is the king of the internet in the current world. It gives customers to make and shape the trends in the fashion world. It is, however, away from the knowledge of the customers that they are the best in the provision of a significant amount of data that is essential for the prediction of the trends in the market.

When you compare to the manual gathering of data, Artificial Intelligence is better and less tiresome. Many retailers are making use of technology in fashion through Artificial Intelligence. The artificial intelligence is necessary for the gathering and analysis of data in various useful categories.

The best example for the AI is the Screen shop app that was the creation of Kim Kardashian. It makes use of the AI image recognition to make it easy to identify the trends in the market. With the app, the users take photos of the products they have seen and need to get a similar product and the prices — the use of technology in fashion with the Artificial intelligence tech.

Mobile Commerce

Access to the internet is readily available nowadays at whatever time. The availability of smartphones makes it very easy to access various platforms in the market. Smartphones have features such as communication apps, digital wallets, and social media apps. The apps make the world a stone throw away as every item is readily available. The apps are making it into the business world and providing a very efficient way for the marketing of products.

The connectivity era has come with the online shopping that you can achieve through the use of mobile commerce. In addition to secure online shopping, you also get the best way of payment through digital wallets. The digital wallets include Apple and Android pay. Shopping online makes shopping very enjoyable and less tiresome. The use of technology in fashion is making it easy for both the retailer and the customer.

Other newer shopping features such as Instagram’s shopping feature makes shopping very easy and enjoyable. Mobile-friendly shopping makes customers enjoy mobile shopping in the comfort of their homes.

Through mobile commerce, the business enables the customers to have an easy time in discovering the products in the market.

Virtual/Augmented Reality (VR)

The first wave of transformation in the use of technology in fashion came with the advent of mobile and e-commerce technologies. The future is brighter with the virtual reality technology for the retailers.

The modern customers can browse through the products to select the best for themselves. The VR platforms that are on the rise merge the physical and the online world for the retail. A good example is the try-on avatars. If you are using marketing apps such as the DressingRoom, make use of the avatar and virtual platforms to fit their items. They have customization for the correct measure; thus, if you select your size, you are sure to be safe. Before you buy an item, you are sure that it will fit you correctly all the time. With the platforms, the online shopping experience has had a significant shift from the norm, making customers enjoy the shopping process. The experience makes the customers stick to the particular shopping site due to the best services they receive.

The platforms are essential for the addition of value to the retailers and their brands. The brands can increase in value as the retailers maintain customers. The customers love the use of technology in fashion as it provides them a personalization in the experience.


Digitalization in the fashion industry has wholly had a significant influence on the operation of the market. The introduction of new technological aspects such as AI, VR, and IoT in marketing platforms has had a considerable impact on marketing trends. The personalized experience that the mobile experience while shopping makes the customers have the best products that they will not regret having it.

The changes that were beyond imagination have come to book from the use of technology in fashion. Retailers need to take the challenge and go digital as they shape their fashion market to meet the demands of the customers.

How to Choose an Electric Bicycle

Batavus Zonar E-GoShopping for an electric bike is a major purchase. Do it right and you will be a happy electric bicycle owner for years to come.

Before you check out electric bike reviews and descriptions it’s helpful to educate yourself on different features to look at and to consider what you’ll be using the electric bike for. That’s the reason we wrote this buyer guide for you.

Of course, you need to read a bunch of reviews (Getgamesgo is a good source) before making a purchase.

If you’re already here, we are assuming you have already decided to buy an electric bike. (If you are still wondering, we are putting together another great article about how electric bikes can benefit your life: “Everyone Could Use An Electric Bike” – be on the lookout for it).

The first thing to look at is what you plan to use this bike for.

For example:

  • How long a range do I plan to go for each ride? Both mileage or duration?
  • Will I be traveling in hilly areas? Across flatlands?
  • Am I riding on bumpy surfaces? Smooth?
  • Will I be hauling heavy loads?
  • Any time constraints on making the trip?

With an electric bike, it is similar to shopping for two separate products:

  • a rechargeable vehicle with its electronics
  • and the comfort and mechanics of a bicycle

You can combine the criteria for each under one umbrella when doing your research on the best electric bike for your circumstances.

Electronic Components of Ebikes

All the above questions relate to the electric part of the bike: how long you can ride your ebike on a single battery charge. This in turn depends on how long the battery stays charged as well as how well the pedal assist works. Not only that, it’s a combination of battery chemistry, control electronics, motor core composition, and more. Just as cars as vehicles can give different driving experiences, so can electric bicycles.

For trip duration, you want to make sure your electric bike can go fast enough to get you there on time. Most electric bikes will list a top speed, usually assisted and across flat lands. If you have a time constraint for a trip this will be one of your criteria. Many top speeds will be between 12mph and 20mph.

You will also want to consult laws in your area for top speeds allowed for an electric bicycle.

For trip length, you want to look at the miles per charge (sometimes given as a range that the battery should last). which is usually an assisted pedal across flat lands also. Hills, surfaces with more friction, and passenger load will affect these numbers.

R-Martin MiPower Electric Bike

The R-Martin MiPower Electric Bike reports a 60 mile range (pedal assist/even ground).

You also have to think about the overall weight of the bike which will factor into how much you can pedal assist. Most bikes will have roughly a 40 mile range.

For dealing with longer commutes where you need to lengthen the miles per charge, you can also see if the electric bike has a swappable battery. For long rides this may be your only option – carrying your spare charged battery with you and swapping it out during your ride. This also means you would need to be able to charge both batteries at your destination. Some bikes do not have the swappable battery, which also means you need to bring the entire bike to the charging station and you cannot just take the battery out and charge it.

For extending the battery charge during a ride, another option of lengthening the ride time per charge is the electric bikes which feature a “loop charge” technology which means you can charge the battery while you ride your bike. One great example is the Sanyo Eneloop Electric Bike (pictured below) which charges the battery each time you use the breaks.

Sanyo Eneloop Electric Bike

For comfortable rides, the electronic component (pedal assist) is important. How well does it know when to kick in to help you out and when to hold back? If you are riding in hilly areas or with a lot of stops, this can offer smoother rides but also help the battery last longer as your pedal strength varies. Also the electronics matter with your riding style too and safety as well.

Some electric bikes take a turn or two of the pedals before the power engages – this means at a dead stop you have the hardest work to get everything started almost as if you are starting from a high gear. Some electric bikes are the opposite and may be very aggressive at the start which can sometimes lead to hard to control starts, especially in tight spaces.

Electric Bikes Motors

electric bike motorThese are the two most common motors on electric bikes.

Brushed Motor

Larger, heavier, and louder. They also need regular service every so often. However after each service it is almost like having a brand new motor. These are powerful and robust and great for a variety of surfaces and uses.

Brushless Motor

In comparision, these are smaller, lighter, and quieter. Not as robust in use as the brushed motor but definitely can hold its own for regular use. And are maintenance free.

Motor Location

A rear hub motor is great for general use and offer better balance then front mounted motors. Front wheel hub motors are helpful for rougher surfaces (think four-wheel drive). This would be a big plus for electric mountain bikes.


Batteries and motors are the big two components of electric bicycles. There are two batteries you will see on most electric bikes

SLA (Sealed Lead Acid)

Think car batteries when you think of lead acid batteries. Lead oxide oxidizes a lead plate to create an electrical current.

They are the cheapest type of rechargeable battery. The lead is sealed in a gel to prevent any spilling out of the lead. They also need to be recycled properly at end of life. Just like a car battery, it will take a few cycles for the battery to reach a peak performance.

When it comes to charging, you do not want to deep discharge it.

An SLA battery should be charged often and topped up as often as possible.

Advantages: Great for when you need a power surge. Cheaper.
Disadvantages: Longer recharging time. Not as effective for applications that require steady and low to middling supplies of electricity over longer periods of time.

Li-ion (Lithium-ion)

Think laptop and cel phone when you think of lithium-ion batteries.

Nickel Cadium (NiCD) were the popular rechargable battery of choice but since the advent of Lithium batteries, it has been found that Lithium batteries has more durable operation including a wider range of temperatures, and are also smaller and lighter.

Advantages: Lighter, smaller, while providing a lot of power. Some batteries have surge capabilities
Disadvantages: Expensive, and ability to hold a charge will decay when the battery is not in use unlike lead acid batteries.

In general, the Lithium-Ion batteries are a better choice.

Here is a great link (wikipedia) if you want to read up more on Lithium batteries

Electric Bike Controller and Assistance

Electric Bikes will have pedal assist (PAS or PAC), throttle assist (TAG), or both.

Pedal assist will measure the pedal speed (known as a speed or cadence sensor) or the pedal pressure (known as a torque sensor) to determine how much additional assistance is required. As an example, some ebikes will determine that the harder you are pedaling (e.g. going uphill) the more assistance it should now deliver to you (so you will pedal less). However, the pedal assist does mean you need to keep pedaling at some rate.

Throttle assist can be a twist grip (like a motorcycle) or a thumb throttle (like a gear shift on a bicycle). This gives you power on demand and you decide how much power assistance you like.

Bicycle Sizing And Measurements

Besides the electronic components of the bike, you have to look at the bicycle components. After all this is a bike, and that is really one question:

Can you ride this bicycle comfortably?

In other words, will this bike fit your measurements? From seat to handlebars to pedal reach. Will you be able to pedal this bike comfortably? An e-bike is still a bike. The better the fit, the more you pedal, the longer your range, and the happier you are.

Bicycle Frame

Frames are either a step-through frame (like most women’s bicycles) and a crossover frame (like most men’s bicycles). A step-through frame makes it easier to mount the bike.

You may find the step-through frame easier to use regardless of your gender as some purchasers of electric bikes are those that cannot ride a normal bike easily due to weight, fitness level, or injury.

Bikes need to be easy to get on and off of which is even though the women’s style bike has the step-through frame vs the men’s bike that has the crossover frame, some men may find it easier to get on and off the bike with a step-through frame and opt for getting the woman’s style electric bike.

As far as frame materials, there is also durability to consider and this will also depend on your most common use. The frames will either by some sort of lightweight aluminum alloy which is good for city use (most common is a 6061 Alloy Aluminium frame) or a steel frame which is generally more durable and good for heavy use.

Ease Of Maintenance

One feature/benefit you will want to consider is how easy is the bike to fix and maintain. Many replacement parts may only be available directly from the manufacturer. Good customer service is helpful here as is a good and understandable warranty.

Electric Bike Legality In Your Area

As the electric bike is a road vehicle, you will also want to check your local laws and regulations operating a vehicle and make sure the electronic bike is legal for where you plan to operate it. Things such as maximum speed of vehicle, minimum or maximum age of operator, minimum or maximum weight of operator, maximum power output of motor, etc.

Most states hold up the national policy that electric bikes must operate less than 20 mph and have a limit of 750 watts. However, the companies who produce these bicycles are not regulated. This means they could produce a bicycle or motor kit that could be illegal. You will also want to check to see if your state requires you to have insurance for operating an electric bicycle.


You will notice we haven’t mentioned price yet. You can think of these like vehicles. Find the one that fits your needs and then compare prices. Many dealers will think you should never buy solely based on price unless you are an expert on e-bikes. It’s good to overpay for quality than be saddled with a lemon on a daily basis.

Hope this has been helpful!

That concludes our ebike buying guide. We hope it has been helpful and educational. After going through this guide we recommend the next step is to check out the most popular and bestselling electric bikes: there has got to be a reason these are the most popular, and should be a good starting point for your research.

Wanhao Duplicator i3 Review

wanhao i3 duplicatorThe Duplicator i3 model is one of the more affordable 3D printers available on the market today. So if your budget is a bit smaller then Wanhao Duplicator i3 from the Chinese company WANHAO is right for you.

Equipped with hotplate and MK10 printhead at a relatively low price in a very robust design, this 3D printer makes it a sticker among cheaper models on the market.

You can write in both ABS, PLA and many other filaments thanks to the popular print head.

The printer comes pre-assembled with a steel chassis, which helps incredibly to the stability.You will also find an SD card reader and LCD display with controls along with a USB port for connection.

Wanhao Duplicator Building Quality

Something that makes this 3D printer very affordable is the build quality it delivers, it produces very imponderable prints to be a 3D printer in the budget class, you can leave home or work and come back and meet with the job being done as expected.

However, to get good quality on your prints, it’s very important to carefully adjust the building platform to the right level like many other 3D printers.


The Wanhao Duplicator i3 has a very durable construction in full metal, which makes this 3D printer stand out among the cheaper machines available on the market today.

This machine is delivered in a large way fully fitted and is equipped with a heated building platform

Filament and Material Support

This 3D printer can print in both PLA and ABS but we recommend that you use the primary purpose of using PLA filament as this machine may get difficult to get up to high temperature for successful printing with ABS filament.


Programs supported for Wanhao Duplicator i3 are Repetier and also Cura, both of which are open source programs, you can also use the popular Simplify3D program, which gives you great freedom when it comes to software selection.

Connections and connectivity

When it comes to data transfer, it is possible to transfer through USB or micro SD card reader; you also have the option to upgrade to regular SD card by installing an external SD card reader.

Note that this is not a service that the manufacturer helps with, but this is something you can do on your own.


Are you new when it comes to 3D printers and should make your first purchase, this machine is not for you as there may be some problems that require some adjustments and pills before everything works properly. For those who see potential problems like fun challenges and want to get away with not spending too much money this is a very good buy.


Choosing the Best Wireless Speakers: Bluetooth vs. AirPlay

When it comes to wireless speakers, there are two major categories in the market. It’s either a speaker falls under AirPlay or Bluetooth technology, and they come in various shapes and prices. It seems that audio companies have mass-produced these speakers. So, it’s no surprise if we can find portable models at $100 as well as massive smartphone docks which are commonly priced at $800.

Although they vary in features and sound quality, some wireless speakers are better than others.Some people have their own opinion regarding which type of speaker is better. But we all know that there are various factors to consider before we can conclude the quality and worth of a particular wireless speaker. That is what good speaker selection is all about. It’s not just about the technology it uses; you must also consider the audio hardware it has and how well it connects/pairs with other mobile devices.

What Exactly is Airplay?

Airplay is exclusively for Apple products like iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac computers. It’s actually a wireless audio feature that allows users to stream their iTunes libraries. It can stream music to multiple speakers in a particular location, and it will also send information on the tracks being played. It will show all the info to the display of the speaker if that feature is supported by the device. Another essential feature of Airplay is video streaming and it’s currently being used by Apple TV for streaming photos and videos from Apple supported devices.

However, the downside of Airplay is that it only works with Apple products. You can’t stream music from Android tablets and smartphones. So before buying an Airplay speaker, you better count the number of Android devices you have. If you have more Android-based devices, then you better get a Bluetooth speaker instead. Airplay speakers are relatively more expensive than Bluetooth speakers, and they are significantly power-hungry and bulkier, which means they are not portable enough to be carried around your house.

Also, Airplay speakers are more expensive because manufacturers of these speakers paid an additional licensing fee which allows them to incorporate the technology in their product. In addition, this technology rely more on a Wi-Fi network, so an Airplay speaker is designed for indoor use. Although, there were a few models that are designed to be portable with charging bases and rechargeable batteries. But if you compare them to Bluetooth speakers, they are bulkier.

 How About Bluetooth Wireless Speakers?

bluetooth wireless speaker

Bluetooth was first established in the market, though it doesn’t have as many features as AirPlay, it does however support various mobile devices. Basically, it can simultaneously pair up two mobile devices. But it can only receive a stream from a single device at a time. The bright side of Bluetooth speakers is the fact that it can work to any type of device available, so long as they are also Bluetooth-enabled. So, even iPod, iPad and iPhones will work with any these wireless speakers.

Compared to AirPlay speakers, it is more affordable and most Bluetooth wireless speakers have built-in rechargeable batteries – making them more portable and easier to carry around. You can stack them up with other items on your bag, so they are simply the best companions to have when you’re on the go.

Which Sounds Better –AirPlay or Bluetooth?

Several audio enthusiasts claimed that AirPlay is better because it uses Wi-Fi, and it doesn’t compress the audio files. In my opinion, it will still depend on the quality of the hardware that was installed on a particular brand or model. Some top-end Bluetooth wireless speakers can deliver great audio performance. So, no matter how small they are – they can still pump enough volume to cover a significant area in your house.


If you want a more affordable wireless speaker system that can pair easily with any type of mobile device, then you can settle for a Bluetooth speaker. But when you have the money and most of your mobile gadgets are Apple products – then it would be more advisable to get an AirPlay speaker.

Spy on Cellphones and Tablets with mSpy

mspy reviewThe Only Tracking Software You’ll Ever Need! – MSpy runs in invisible mode on any cell phone

Whether you need to monitor your spouse, watch your child or keep track of your employees, mSpy is the user-friendly and reliable application that will give you the results you are looking for. It runs on invisible mode on a cell phone so that you’ll be the only one that knows its there.  You simply have to get your hands on the phone that you need monitored, download the program onto it and the software hides itself like a pro. Its almost impossible for the person owning the phone to ever discover that it has been modified.

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Prevent data leaks in your business

You wont have to worry about any unwanted data leaks or unsavory business occurring when you are armed with this software. From one mSpy review to the next you’ll be able to see just how great this program works for all types of business problems at all levels. It’s just similar to what you may have read in FlexiSPY reviews.

Now you can monitor your employees to make sure that they are engaged in the right sort of activity when they should be. Keep productivity levels at an all-time high with this spying software that makes sure that your workers are always focused on their job and aren’t taking extended lunch or supper breaks to attend to other matters.

Get back total control of your home!

Protect the ones you love the most with the software that keeps your kids safe while they’re on the Internet. Find out what your spouse may be doing that he shouldn’t be with the latest technological features that have been built right into the program. Gain back control of your own home by being aware of the information that will keep you and your family safe.

How mSpy works on Smartphones and Tablets

When you read through the various mSpy reviews youll see all the different customers that have been using this fantastic spying track software with great results on the following devices:

  • iPhone
  • BlackBerry
  • Android
  • Symbian
  • Galaxy Tab
  • iPad

All you need to do is download the program onto the device or phone and youll have access to all of the features that provide the information you need the most when you want it. Its fast, easy and 100% secure!

What separates mSpy from the competition?

MSpy is provided by an established company that stands by its product with excellent customer service and respect. The software is compatible with most of the popular mobile devices and operating systems and the team continues to implement new advances in technology to stay ahead of all the competing tracking software programs.

Privacy and security is a priority for this company. When you download the mSpy app ,you can be sure that nobody else will know it and you’ll be the only one that has private access to your personal account where the information is provided. If you have any concerns at any time the support team is available through email, phone call or Skype communication. You can consult with somebody if you should happen to have any questions and if the company doesn’t provide everything it promises there is a 10-day guarantee policy in effect. This is not an mSpy scam but rather a way to help you get back in control of your life.

mSpy Features

  • Listen in on calls coming in and going out
  • Skype messages
  • Call recorder
  • Browsing history
  • SMS tracking
  • View videos and photos
  • Read emails
  • Restrict calls
  • GPS tracking of the device
  • Read personal and business IM conversations and chats
  • See contacts and a list of calendar events
  • Block access to applications and websites

Monitor the web – Look through the URLs that the user is visiting on their tablet or cell phone. Find out when theyre online and what they are viewing by looking at their browsing history.

Keep track of their instant messaging – Find out whats being said on various message services such as Skype, Viper messaging, iMessage and WhatsApp. Youll even be able to supervise chats that are happening on Facebook. If you’re concerned about your child’s safety, this is the one feature that could save his life. A lot of teenagers and children fall prey to predators that are roaming Facebook and may even try to meet up with them. One mSpy review about this amazing program and what it can do for parents is all you need to read to be convinced that this is the program that you need to keep your children protected.

Spy on Emails Sent and Received using mSpy App

Find out what emails are arriving in your spouses inbox every day with this software. If you have suspicions of any type, you’ll finally be able to lay them to rest by intercepting emails, chats and text messages. This is the one spying program out there that can give you the information you want and need to know immediately!

Use GPS To Track a Target Phone in Real-Time


Do you want to find out where your spouse really is? Are you concerned that your children aren’t visiting a friend that they said they were? Are you concerned that your employees are using some of their work time to handle personal affairs? If so, mSpy is the program that you can rely on for the answers. In today’s world, parents need to be more informed when it comes to their children’s Internet usage and employers need a way to really monitor their employees. This is the age of technology and you, as a parent, spouse or employer, have the right to stay protected by making use of the state of the art advances in spyware tracking.

The mSpy reviews prove that this is the software you need for tracking mobile devices


Look through the best phone apps to find out for yourself just how many concerned individuals are using this software and the results they are getting from it. One reviewer says that he was able to receive information needed about a dishonest employee that was actually plotting with competitors. As a result of this spying software, the worker was fired and the company was protected. Other reviewers are leaving glowing reports about the information they have received about their spouse or child and how this data was able to make a positive impact on their lives.

If all of this seems too good to be true, don’t worry! This is not an mSpy scam! It is a step forward in technology that you can use to your advantage to help get your life back in control!

Download mSpy now you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain with this remarkable spying software that keeps you in the know.

Google Checkout

google checkoutGoogle Checkout is the Google Ecommerce payment gateway system that allows you to take accept payment on your ecommerce website.

As well as integrating with most of the ecommerce shopping cart providers, Google Checkout can be used as a stand alone shopping cart on your website using their Store Checkout function. This is very similar to Paypal’s Buy Now Buttons.

You can see a test store that I created as a quick example here.

The Google Checkout Shopping Cart is perfect if you run a hobby website and want to sell items quickly and easily with no hassle. There’s nothing complicated to learn and all of your products are managed from one place.

A quick note before you start

Using this method is good if you want to start selling for free and want to try out selling on your website before committing to a full ecommerce shopping cart solution. If you have the time to commit to a full shopping cart then don’t delay, visit the ecommerce cart software page to view other shopping cart software options.

How to use the Google Checkout Shopping Cart on your website

There are full instructions on how to create your Google shopping cart. You just need to create a spreadsheet of your products and add it to Google Documents. Check the instructions at

All of your products are controlled directly from the spreadsheet you create and all prices and information update directly from the spreadsheet document.

Once you have uploaded the spreadsheet just connect it to the Google Ecommerce Checkout Store Gadget.

I found it very easy to create my example store, if you already have a list of products then it will probably take you under 30 minutes to get your store up and running.

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5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Drone

choosing a droneThe popularity of drones continues to rise. We recently published whether you should buy or build a drone, and the popularity of that post has led us to think about some of other important considerations before you make your purchase. We buy, fly, and test a lot of different drones and we want your first drone experience to be fun, safe, and leave you wanting more. So here’s 5 more things we think you should think about before buying your first drone.

Drones are great, but the tech is far from perfect

It is important to set your expectations and understand the limitations of the technology so that you aren’t let down when a feature doesn’t deliver quite as promised. New drones feature improvements such as “Follow Me” technology, as well as increased flight times. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll launch your drone and get an entire day of footage. Flight times are still quite limited by batteries, averaging between 10-20 minutes.

Find the best locations to fly

This one goes back to our early advice about getting involved with the local pilots community. They will undoubtedly know the best places to fly your new drone, even if it is a gas powered drone. This is an important step not to overlook so that your first flight goes smoothly. If your local park is covered in trees, or constantly has children’s soccer matches, it isn’t a good place to fly. Similarly, you’ll get the best flights in minimal wind, so if your hometown gets major wind in the afternoons, you’ll want to limit your flights to the mornings.

Buy extra propellers. Better yet, buy propeller guards

You should expect to crash. A lot. We’ve talked about accepting the fact that you’ll crash because it happens to all of us. So when the inevitable happens, it’s best to have spare propellers on hand. They are fairly cheap, but if you’re breaking a few each time you go out (depending on how aggressively you fly), the cost can really add up. That’s why we’d suggest investing in a set of propeller guards, they are cheap aftermarket accessories that can absorb most of the impact when you crash, potentially saving your propellers for another flight!

Everything you need to know, you can find on YouTube

YouTube will be your best friend when learning how to fly or fix your drone. You can videos specific to nearly any model, ranging from reviews, to flight tips, to fixing issues. Another great resource is following drone related hashtags on Instagram. You can find many knowledgable people to help answer any questions you may have, as well as see the awesome things people in the community are doing.

Know your technical limits

Drones, much like any other high tech hobby such as 3D printing, can require a lot of time to calibrate and tune and get going perfectly. So in addition to knowing how much money you’re willing to spend, you’ll have to take into account how much you want to spend as well.

There are many great off the shelf drones that require little to no tinkering at all. The DJI Phantom is an example of one of these. There are kits that require assembly before flying, and there are people who will want to sell you individual components. So if you don’t want to flash the firmware on your ESCs and flight controller and tune your gains, we suggest sticking to a RTF model.

Additionally, when something goes wrong you’ll need to think about if you want to diagnose and fix the problem, or if you’d rather take it or send it somewhere and have them fix it. If you do want to do it on your own, there are some great resources, which is a great lead-in to 5.

Building vs. Buying Your New Drone

There are many advantages and disadvantages associated with both building and buying your new drone. The biggest considerations when determining what to do should be your level of technical ability and willingness to invest your time.

Building a Drone

building a droneWhen you decide to build drones for kids or yourself, you’ll have to build a parts list and ensure your selected components will get you off the ground. One way to do this is by using software such as eCalc, which you can use to determine things like lifting capacity and flight time. Once you know the lifting capacity, you’ll have to make sure your total system weighs less than that, else you’ll just sit on the ground and spin your props. Additionally, you’ll have to take care to get the right ESCs for the job, meaning the rated maximum current of the ESC exceeds the maximum current of the motors.

So you can see that it takes a little time and technical knowledge just to pick the parts list, but the bulk of it happens after you’ve gotten your parts. The actual build can seem incredibly daunting, but in reality it isn’t that bad. However, you’re first build is bound to take extra time and have some mishaps along the way. If you’ve never soldered before, I’d suggest getting some spare parts and practicing until you get the hang of it. The biggest two scenarios I find myself soldering in is wire-to-board, such as ESC power wires to a power distribution board (PDB), and wire-to-connector, such as ESC outputs to bullet connectors, or battery leads to xt-60. These two scenarios aren’t incredibly complex, but you’ll want to know what you’re doing so that you get good solder connections and your drone stays in the sky.

Here’s a good XT-60 soldering tutorial from the guys at Flite Test:

Now here’s where things can take a little time and get tricky, you’re going to need to ensure that you wire your motors to the ESCs with the motors spinning in the correct direction. I like to do this with a simple test setup using a battery and a servo tester, by connecting the motor to the ESC, the ESC to the battery, and the ESC servo lead to the servo tester. The knob on the servo tester will allow you to spin the motor, you should make note of the direction it is spinning. If this direction is correct, you should mark the connections between the motor and the ESC so that you can keep them in this order once you install them in your drone. I like to use three colors of electrical tape and then match the colors when I’m ready for final installation.
Once your motors and ESCs are sorted out, it’s time to install everything on your frame and do your wire management. Extras such as expando sleeving and zip ties can help keep your wires organized and looking sharp, but aren’t a requirement. From here, you’ll have to setup your flight controller, which varies greatly depending on which one you chose. Your final hurdle before having some great flights will be tuning your gains. Essentially, an out-of-the-box flight controller isn’t perfectly calibrated for the drone you just built. This usually manifests itself through an extremely jittery flight, an unresponsive flight, or and overly responsive flight. YouTube and the forums are your best friend here. Search for your flight controller + tuning gains, and you’ll find a wealth of information to get in perfectly dialed in.

Buying a Drone

There are different types of drones available, things your need to know first before buying, and accessories you should be familiar with. Buying your drone is a great option, and it doesn’t mean you’re lacking in technical ability or not devoting enough time to your new hobby.

In fact, I like to recommend that if you’ve never flown before, or touched anything remote controlled, that you do go ahead and make your first drone a RTF system such as the DJI Phantom or 3DR Iris. I say this because I know that when you get comfortable with your new drone, and have many hours of flights (and small repairs) under your belt, you’ll be left wanting more. For me, drones are like potato chips, you can’t have just one, and I’m sure my veteran readers can attest to this. Your fleet will grow in size, and hopefully a few of the new drones you add to your fleet will be custom rigs that you build yourself.

building a drone vs buyingI think buying a Ready-to-Fly drone is great for beginners because it prevents “hobby burnout” that can come when your new drone hobby starts to feel more like a tedious and frustrating experience than you expected. When ordering a custom build, a lot can happen that can delay progress, you’ll get a bad motor or ESC in your order, or your frame will be missing some screws. These little setbacks are easily solved, but can take their toll on the beginner who is itching to get in the air. This “hobby burnout” is the number one reason for finding frames and miscellaneous parts for sale on forums and craigslist.

One way to prevent this from happening is by already having a drone you can go fly while you’re waiting for your parts to come in the mail. I don’t think buying or building makes you any more or less of a drone enthusiast, and I’ve certainly done my share of both. So go ahead and get out there and put together your parts list or order your RTF drone, or maybe do both at the same time! We’ve got a parts list coming so we can put together a building tutorial for you all, so keep checking back for that in the future!

Happy Flying!



Increase Visitors to Your Website Using Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a price comparison website that is unique as products that are added to this search engine will often show up in the Google search results, making it an excellent free way to get hundreds or thousands of extra visitors to your website.

A good ecommerce website must use this service to be able to compete.

Why you should use Google Shopping

It’s completely free and easy to set up, providing that your ecommerce software already has a price comparison module built in. Your products will show up in Google search results, allowing large amounts of potential customers to see the products you offer.

The mind of a potential buyer and how they will use Google Shopping

Unless a buyer already knows the exact brand and product name they want to buy, such as “Nike Air Training Shoes”, it’s very likely that they will search using phrases such as “mens red shoes size 12”. Emoji Island is a good example of website doing SEO right.

As an ecommerce website owner you want to be sure that for searches like this your product shows up. The issue is that you can’t just add in lots of keywords into a product title and description as it will be picked up by Google as spam which will mean that your product won’t show in the results.

The trick is to optimize product titles so that you reap the benefits in the Google search results but don’t get penalized.

Optimizing product titles, descriptions and other information

To ensure that your products get the exposure they deserve it’s important that they have descriptive titles and all of the relevant information to help Google decide whether your product should be shown in the results. Your product titles should contain at the very least the product brand and product name.

Add any detailed product information such as size and color for the product attributes. Google will find this in your product feed and display it in the search results.

The good ecommerce software providers have built in a way for all products on an ecommerce website to be uploaded to Google Merchant Center so that they show up in the Google listings.

Ecommerce cart software such as Magento Go has built in features to add custom product attributes to every product on your site. It’s a very powerful feature that I genuinely recommend as the best in the industry.

How to add your products to the Google Merchant Center

The Google Merchant Center help explains everything you need to do and even breaks down the instructions into different industries and product types so that you can easily target your customers.

Using ecommerce software Magento Go makes it very simple to add products to Google Shopping and you can manage all of the product data from within the Magento Go admin.

Need help setting up Magento Go and Google Shopping?  Contact me for a free consultation.

Google Merchant Center requirements for a product feed are:

Basic Product Information
This is the product title and the description as well as its category.

Availability & Price
To show whether the item is currently in stock and how much it costs.

Unique Product Identifiers
The product brand and its UPC – Unique Product Code.

Clothing Products
If you sell clothes you need to provide the colour and who it’s for, such as men’s or womens shoes.

Product Variants
Colour variations, sizes and any other variations, for example, the radio frequency of a radio controlled car or the frame size of a mountain bike.

Tax & Shipping
Whether the item is taxable and how much the shipping costs.

Nearby Stores
If you have a high street store you can include the address to advertise to local searches that your store nearby.

Additional Attributes
Anything else that may be relevant to the product.

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Big Commerce Ecommerce Cart Software

what is bigcommerceBig Commerce is the hosted version of Interspire Shopping Cart which is well known and is an easy to use system.

In previous years it was the responsibility of the business owner to host the shopping cart themselves which meant that they needed a web developer or web development company to support their website.

This was often expensive and smaller stores needed to save up to be able to start a website.
Companies such as Yahoo created Yahoo Stores which is an ecommerce hosted solution and other companies started to follow.

Interspire Shopping Cart is now known is Big Commerce, a completely hosted ecommerce shopping cart solution. At the time of writing they have over 20,000 customers!

An live example of their software can be seen on Californian Percussion

Hosted Shopping Cart Solution

A hosted solution is also known as SaaS (Software as a Service) which means that rather than selling you a software package, a company will sell you a subscription to the service they offer. This normally means that you get much better support as the software is constantly being updated. With BigCommerce you also get free updates for life so you never have to pay any more than your monthly subscription.

With an ecommerce hosted solution you never need to worry about your website going down. Should anything ever happen BigCommerce will be the ones who have to stay up late and fix any issues while you are peacefully asleep at home! In many cases the problem will have been fixed before anyone notices there was something wrong.

Features to consider when buying Big Commerce

Easy upload of your products from a spreadsheet
Many shopping carts offer this feature and this one is no different. An advantage is that BigCommerce allows you to upload Excel files when many other shopping carts only allow CSV files.

Easy design ‘point and click’ design tools
I’m impressed by this feature as it allows you to customize the design of your website really easily by dragging and dropping parts of the design

Automatic Inventory Control
This is a feature that is seen on many shopping carts and Big Commerce is no different. When an item is sold the inventory automatically updates to ensure you can’t accidentally sell out of stock products.

Promotional Banners
Every web store will have a range of promotions, the promotional banners feature gives you complete control to add banners to product categories to show your visitors what’s on sale. You can even set it to only show for a set period of time, the system removes it automatically when the promo period has ended!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
An important feature that every shopping cart should have. Big Commerce allows you to edit page titles, keywords and descriptions as well as other features that allow you to adjust your Google rankings.

Google Website Optimizer
GWO (Google Website Optimizer) is often overlooked by many ecommerce website owners as too technical. You can use it to work out the best layout for your ecommerce store and also to make sure that your website is making the maximum amount of sales. BigCommerce integrates easily with GWO and you’ll be surprised what it can do for your business (did I mention it’s free?!).

Mobile Site Design
I’m sure you have this in your plan somewhere! With so many new mobile gadgets available designing an ecommerce store that works on every one can be difficult. A feature that makes Big Commerce one of the better ecommerce cart options is its mobile commerce feature. At the time of writing it supports iPhone, Andriod, Blackberry and Palm Pre devices! Visitors can easily view products and buy from your website using their phone. Software Development, a leading Naples web design company can customize your existing Big Commerce site to make it even more responsive.

Product Options
Configure your products and add options with this feature. Add options such as item size (for clothing), colour or anything you need. You can create as many options as you need.

Integration with many other services, such as email marketing
A major plus for this shopping cart is that they have plugins so that you can get your store working with other services with ease, such as delivery software, customer surveys, live chat and Facebook. As it’s a hosted solution everything just works which will save you a lot of time and hassle!

Big Commerce has become a large company and hundreds of other companies who offer services used by many ecommerce websites want to integrate their service with Big Commerce, so that they can gain more customers. This is a big plus for anyone using the system as this gives you the option to easily test new features without any integration costs. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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