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starting an ecommerce sitePlanning Your Store

Many small businesses make the mistake of creating an ecommerce website with no real planning so they can start selling as quickly as possible.

It’s important to understand what your customers want before building your website.

What Makes a Good Ecommerce Website?

The best ecommerce sites are simple to use and allow visitors to easily find what they want and pay for it with no hassle.

As an ecommerce website owner you need to make sure you know what your customers want.

Many small businesses contact a web development company who help them through the technical process of creating an ecommerce website.

Now that ecommerce has been around for such a long time, there is no longer the need for retailers to be tied to an expensive web development company. Ecommerce shopping cart providers such as Big Commerce offer completely hosted shopping cart solutions along with support. Whether you are starting an online floral shop or a London taxi insurance services website, this guide will help you.

Read the Ecommerce Cart Software page to find out which are the best shopping carts.


Amazon and Ebay are two of the most popular ecommerce shopping websites on the … Read the rest

How to Choose an Electric Bicycle

Batavus Zonar E-GoShopping for an electric bike is a major purchase. Do it right and you will be a happy electric bicycle owner for years to come.

Before you check out electric bike reviews and descriptions it’s helpful to educate yourself on different features to look at and to consider what you’ll be using the electric bike for. That’s the reason we wrote this buyer guide for you.

Of course, you need to read a bunch of reviews (Getgamesgo is a good source) before making a purchase.

If you’re already here, we are assuming you have already decided to buy an electric bike. (If you are still wondering, we are putting together another great article about how electric bikes can benefit your life: “Everyone Could Use An Electric Bike” – be on the lookout for it).

The first thing to look at is what you plan to use this bike for.

For example:

  • How long a range do I plan to go for each ride? Both mileage or duration?
  • Will I be traveling in hilly areas? Across flatlands?
  • Am I riding on bumpy surfaces? Smooth?
  • Will I be hauling heavy loads?
  • Any time constraints on making the trip?

With an … Read the rest

Wanhao Duplicator i3 Review

wanhao i3 duplicatorThe Duplicator i3 model is one of the more affordable 3D printers available on the market today. So if your budget is a bit smaller then Wanhao Duplicator i3 from the Chinese company WANHAO is right for you.

Equipped with hotplate and MK10 printhead at a relatively low price in a very robust design, this 3D printer makes it a sticker among cheaper models on the market.

You can write in both ABS, PLA and many other filaments thanks to the popular print head.

The printer comes pre-assembled with a steel chassis, which helps incredibly to the stability.You will also find an SD card reader and LCD display with controls along with a USB port for connection.

Wanhao Duplicator Building Quality

Something that makes this 3D printer very affordable is the build quality it delivers, it produces very imponderable prints to be a 3D printer in the budget class, you can leave home or work and come back and meet with the job being done as expected.

However, to get good quality on your prints, it’s very important to carefully adjust the building platform to the right level like many other 3D printers.


The Wanhao Duplicator i3 has Read the rest

Choosing the Best Wireless Speakers: Bluetooth vs. AirPlay

When it comes to wireless speakers, there are two major categories in the market. It’s either a speaker falls under AirPlay or Bluetooth technology, and they come in various shapes and prices. It seems that audio companies have mass-produced these speakers. So, it’s no surprise if we can find portable models at $100 as well as massive smartphone docks which are commonly priced at $800.

Although they vary in features and sound quality, some wireless speakers are better than others.Some people have their own opinion regarding which type of speaker is better. But we all know that there are various factors to consider before we can conclude the quality and worth of a particular wireless speaker. That is what good speaker selection is all about. It’s not just about the technology it uses; you must also consider the audio hardware it has and how well it connects/pairs with other mobile devices.

What Exactly is Airplay?

Airplay is exclusively for Apple products like iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac computers. It’s actually a wireless audio feature that allows users to stream their iTunes libraries. It can stream music to multiple speakers in a particular location, and it will also send information on … Read the rest

Spy on Cellphones and Tablets with mSpy

mspy reviewThe Only Tracking Software You’ll Ever Need! – MSpy runs in invisible mode on any cell phone

Whether you need to monitor your spouse, watch your child or keep track of your employees, mSpy is the user-friendly and reliable application that will give you the results you are looking for. It runs on invisible mode on a cell phone so that you’ll be the only one that knows its there.  You simply have to get your hands on the phone that you need monitored, download the program onto it and the software hides itself like a pro. Its almost impossible for the person owning the phone to ever discover that it has been modified.

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Prevent data leaks in your business

You wont have to worry about any unwanted data leaks or unsavory business occurring when you are armed with this software. From one mSpy review to the next you’ll be able to see just how great this program works for all types of business problems at all levels. It’s just similar to what you may have read in FlexiSPY reviews.

Now you can monitor your employees to make sure that they are engaged in the … Read the rest

Google Checkout

google checkoutGoogle Checkout is the Google Ecommerce payment gateway system that allows you to take accept payment on your ecommerce website.

As well as integrating with most of the ecommerce shopping cart providers, Google Checkout can be used as a stand alone shopping cart on your website using their Store Checkout function. This is very similar to Paypal’s Buy Now Buttons.

You can see a test store that I created as a quick example here.

The Google Checkout Shopping Cart is perfect if you run a hobby website and want to sell items quickly and easily with no hassle. There’s nothing complicated to learn and all of your products are managed from one place.

A quick note before you start

Using this method is good if you want to start selling for free and want to try out selling on your website before committing to a full ecommerce shopping cart solution. If you have the time to commit to a full shopping cart then don’t delay, visit the ecommerce cart software page to view other shopping cart software options.

How to use the Google Checkout Shopping Cart on your website

There are full instructions on how to create your Google … Read the rest

5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Drone

choosing a droneThe popularity of drones continues to rise. We recently published whether you should buy or build a drone, and the popularity of that post has led us to think about some of other important considerations before you make your purchase. We buy, fly, and test a lot of different drones and we want your first drone experience to be fun, safe, and leave you wanting more. So here’s 5 more things we think you should think about before buying your first drone.

Drones are great, but the tech is far from perfect

It is important to set your expectations and understand the limitations of the technology so that you aren’t let down when a feature doesn’t deliver quite as promised. New drones feature improvements such as “Follow Me” technology, as well as increased flight times. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll launch your drone and get an entire day of footage. Flight times are still quite limited by batteries, averaging between 10-20 minutes.

Find the best locations to fly

This one goes back to our early advice about getting involved with the local pilots community. They will undoubtedly know the best places to fly your new drone, even if it … Read the rest

Building vs. Buying Your New Drone

There are many advantages and disadvantages associated with both building and buying your new drone. The biggest considerations when determining what to do should be your level of technical ability and willingness to invest your time.

Building a Drone

building a droneWhen you decide to build drones for kids or yourself, you’ll have to build a parts list and ensure your selected components will get you off the ground. One way to do this is by using software such as eCalc, which you can use to determine things like lifting capacity and flight time. Once you know the lifting capacity, you’ll have to make sure your total system weighs less than that, else you’ll just sit on the ground and spin your props. Additionally, you’ll have to take care to get the right ESCs for the job, meaning the rated maximum current of the ESC exceeds the maximum current of the motors.

So you can see that it takes a little time and technical knowledge just to pick the parts list, but the bulk of it happens after you’ve gotten your parts. The actual build can seem incredibly daunting, but in reality it isn’t that bad. However, you’re first build is bound … Read the rest

Increase Visitors to Your Website Using Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a price comparison website that is unique as products that are added to this search engine will often show up in the Google search results, making it an excellent free way to get hundreds or thousands of extra visitors to your website.

A good ecommerce website must use this service to be able to compete.

Why you should use Google Shopping

It’s completely free and easy to set up, providing that your ecommerce software already has a price comparison module built in. Your products will show up in Google search results, allowing large amounts of potential customers to see the products you offer.

The mind of a potential buyer and how they will use Google Shopping

Unless a buyer already knows the exact brand and product name they want to buy, such as “Nike Air Training Shoes”, it’s very likely that they will search using phrases such as “mens red shoes size 12”. Emoji Island is a good example of website doing SEO right.

As an ecommerce website owner you want to be sure that for searches like this your product shows up. The issue is that you can’t just add in lots of keywords into a … Read the rest

Big Commerce Ecommerce Cart Software

what is bigcommerceBig Commerce is the hosted version of Interspire Shopping Cart which is well known and is an easy to use system.

In previous years it was the responsibility of the business owner to host the shopping cart themselves which meant that they needed a web developer or web development company to support their website.

This was often expensive and smaller stores needed to save up to be able to start a website.
Companies such as Yahoo created Yahoo Stores which is an ecommerce hosted solution and other companies started to follow.

Interspire Shopping Cart is now known is Big Commerce, a completely hosted ecommerce shopping cart solution. At the time of writing they have over 20,000 customers!

An live example of their software can be seen on Californian Percussion

Hosted Shopping Cart Solution

A hosted solution is also known as SaaS (Software as a Service) which means that rather than selling you a software package, a company will sell you a subscription to the service they offer. This normally means that you get much better support as the software is constantly being updated. With BigCommerce you also get free updates for life so you never have to pay any more … Read the rest is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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